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GSoC "scrub data blocks via a new flag" project

I've seen a number of questions relating to this proposed project.  My
intention in proposing this as a project was not to spell out, or make
a checklist, of things that needed to be done in order to accomplish
this project - I believe that the students themselves should cover
this in their proposals, since this is an inherent part of any
project, and will stand students in good stead for the future.

That said, I should say a number of things about the scope of this project:

+ it is not about one file system, but any file system which handles
flags (not all of them do)

+ I'd consider the act of overwriting files to be more important (in
the initial stages of this project) than what is overwritten into the
data blocks.  The later stages of this project turns this around

+ it's great to see so much interest, and knowledge of, individual
Linux file systems; however, it's not really relevant to NetBSD
(except to take the inherent structure of the file systems themselves
as a basis for knowing what happens, and where)

Hopefully, that clears up some of the questions that have surfaced
about this.


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