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apply for Google Summer Code project

I write this letter to apply for "Implement file system flags to scrub
data blocks before delete" project

I 'm a newcomer for NetBSD and just heard Google Summer Code project
several days before, so I did nothing about NetBSD before, neither
about its file system.
  But I do have some knowledge about Linux kernel and Linux VFS. In my
lab, our project team are working on a storage system named ASD
(Allocated Storage System, as it's not a open source project, I can't
show the code), a kernel module. This module works like LVM, it add
physic devices to a storage pool, and create logic devices from it,
mapping logic blk to physic blk. By developing and maintain this
system, I learn some thing about Linux's storage system and VFS, and
became familiar with debug technology for kernel program.
  If we want to implement file system flags in Linux VFS, I think we
can just modify some operation of inode_operations and bind
corresponding operation to inode. As there are several way to
generating random data, we can provide flags of mount for user to use
different function to scrub data block.
  There must be something similar between Linux and NetBSD, It won't
be very difficult for me to finish this project.

My schedule:
4.23 -- 5.20(4 weeks): read documentation and do some small
experiments about NetBSD and the mostly used file system of NetBSD(FFS
or ext2)
5.21 -- 5.27 (1 weeks): write design documentation
5.28 -- 6.10 (3 weeks): modify the code of FFS or ext2 fs, achieve the
purpose that all files in every this file system will set data block
to zero when delete it.
6.11 -- 6.24 (2 weeks): implement the random number generator.
6.25 -- 7.1 (1 week): implement that the files system can support only
scrub data block for file systems which set scrub flag when mount.
7.2 -- 7.8 (1 week): the files system can support only scrub data
block for file which set scrub flag when create the file.
7.9 -- 7.15 (1 week): modify some lib's code to support setting flag
for mount and create file
7.16-- 7.22 (1 week ): test
7.23 -- 8.6(2 week:): write instruction document and do some job to improve
8.6 -- 8.13 (1 week:) scrub coder and improve documentation

Peng Yang

10th Floor, Tower A, The GATE building, No. 19 Zhong-guan-cun Avenue

Haidian District, Beijing, China

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