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Fresh Marketing Database - Building Industry


I have compiled a list of nearly 300,000 US builders,
contractors, architects, interior designers, developers and
related professionals. This is a great market for various
products/services. Some numbers:
- Architects - 16,800
- Engineers - 15,300
- General Contractors - 24,000
- Electrical Contractors - 9,400

The list is the result of several years' hard work. The job was
done while I owned a company that provided support services to
architects, interior designers and developers. It was used very
successfully but that company now no longer exists (I found an
interest in another field) so I thought the list may be useful
to others.

All the records have:
- Company name
- Full address
- Phone
- Fax
- Website address
- Email address
- Category name
- Contact name

The list can be produced in any common format, such as Excel,
mySQL database file, CSV data file etc. Just let me know which
one you would prefer. This can be used it for direct mailing,
email campaigns, cold calling etc.

The list includes practically everyone ranging from professional
designers to decision makers of large corporations.

I am willing to share up to 10 copies of this list as I believe
it would be much better if this information were spread between
a small number of serious companies. If only a small number of
companies have access to this list they can expect a higher
success rate than if all their competitors were also in contac
with the list.

If you want to proceed and expand your business, I could share
the list with you for a fee of $250. I am looking to generate
some income from it as a reward for the time I spent while
compiling the list.

For your information I can send you a sample in Excel (say 100

If you would like to get the list or need further information,
please get in touch by responding to this email.

Kind regards,
Sarah White

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