Subject: Re: filtering
To: Theo de Raadt <>
From: None <>
List: tech-security
Date: 06/29/2002 16:25:12
>i am sure that someone like itojun can speak up to say that i am
>finding things, and that my conversation with him is useful.  itojun
>and i will continue to work on other things, but security things will
>not be passed on.  itojun, i am sorry.

	i participate in both netbsd and openbsd development.  i find it
	extremely useful as i find bug on one side, i can fix another too.
	and while doing so, i discuss with theo and others about the bugs.
	we notify each other.  theo (and others) drops me a note when there's
	serious bug found.

	if the notification ceases due to the moderation thingy, i really am
	in trouble.  i can't fix bugs in netbsd promptly enough when openbsd
	fix bugs.  and these days, the delay has serious impact on netbsd
	as there are script kiddies watching various fixes in multiple OSes,
	write attack scripts, and try it out to other OSes.  as openbsd and
	netbsd has the same root, many of such attacks that is hinted by
	openbsd can work on netbsd.

	i do understand the battle happened in the past, but i believe it is
	time to move on.