Subject: the daily/weekly/monthly scripts
To: NetBSD Tech-Security <>
From: Sam Carleton <>
List: tech-security
Date: 07/24/2001 10:14:22
I have two questions about these scripts.

1: First off, I would like to have them sent to another user.  After
looking at the script, I get the impression that all I need to do is set
the $MAILTO enviornment variable before the scripts run.  Am I correct?
If so, how do YOU recommend I set the $MAILTO in the crontab file?

2: I think the script is REALLY great and I would like to do the same
thing on another machine, not a ?BSD, but a Solaris on SPARC.  Anyone
know of any pit falls in doing that?  I know that Solaris's normal echo
is not standard.  Other then that?