Subject: Re: what to put into cryptosrc-intl tree
To: None <>
From: Viktor Leijon <>
List: tech-security
Date: 06/23/1999 10:04:24
According to Thor Lancelot Simon:
> On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 03:48:47PM +1000, Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
> > >  This is my idea:
> > 
> > >1. openssl
> > >	a) This gets us basic cryptography routines: DES, 3DES, IDEA, CAST,
> > >		RSA, DSS, DH. We should have a libdes.a, and libcrypto.a.
> > 
> > Note that ssleay/openssl can be built patent-free with -DNO_RSA, -DNO_IDEA
> > etc.
> Um, how does Open *SSL* work with -DNO_RSA?
Actually, SSL as such does not demand RSA. I don't have my SSL spec handy,
but I know that atleast Fortezza is mentioned in it. And so is actually 
SSL without encryption but only with checksums. So as such, SSL as a
standard has no need for RSA. How, in practice, SSL works without RSA I
have no idea. 

Viktor Leijon (