Subject: Re: changing default user from bin:bin to root:wheel
To: Darren Reed <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-security
Date: 02/19/1998 03:42:13
On 19-Feb-98 Darren Reed spoke unto us all:
# In some mail I received from Luke Mewburn, sie wrote
# > 
# > BECAUSE `bin' MUST DIE!!!
# > 
# > seriously, if we going to get rid of uid bin i'd get rid of gid bin.
# do we need to get rid of them ?  I'd do for just removing their usefulness.
# at least on the first pass anyway.  I can't think of anything that needs it,
# just that it's been there since god knows and if there aren't direct system
# dependcies which cause it to break, then there's always 3rd party.

I agree with this.. lets install binaries as root:wheel, and phase out all use
of bin:bin..  but leave it in there..  Just to see if anything breaks.  Then
the next release we eliminate bin completely..  But you definately need to warn
people about that.. because people like me with binaries in local dating back
to 0.8 0.9 may find that things are broken all of a sudden.  a script should be
provided (and perhaps run) that will fix all these old permissions.

Also.. if it's agreed that we do this..  you need to tell the pkg people.. I
believe it is thier policy to make packages install with bin:bin.  Might as
well let them get a head start on converting all those packages.

Tim Rightnour    -