Subject: Re: /usr/games - group writable or not?
To: Bruce Barnett <>
From: Jon Ribbens <>
List: tech-security
Date: 11/19/1997 15:11:16
Bruce Barnett <> wrote:
> >Anyway, most of the games should be easy to convert to setgid games. Just
> >make /var/games 775, eg.
> I disagree, and no one else has. Let me explain.
> If the games directory is group writable, then any setgid to games
> program could replace one of the files in this directory (a trojan
> horse attack).

The saved games directory (/var/games) is not the same as the games
binaries directory (/usr/games). /usr/games should be root:wheel 755.
/var/games should be root:games 775.


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