Subject: Re: security in the free world
To: Colin BRADLEY <fox@CS.McGill.CA>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: tech-security
Date: 03/12/1997 17:12:27
In message <> Colin BRADLEY writes:
:   But then I'm no expert, that's just what I've been told.
:   Confirmation, denial, or otherwise would be welcome.

I believe that you may have been told incorrectly.  Theo and a bunch
of other people have done the reasearch and as long as you aren't
selling the results (that is they are effectively public domain), you
can reexport from Canada without a license.  See
for the details I've glossed over.  The makers of this URL aren't
associated with Theo or other OpenBSD people as far as I know.

That's a big reason, I'm told, that OpenBSD is located in Canada
rather than the US.  That's also a big reason why serious
crypto/security stuff is only being done by non-US nationals or people
that aren't in the US currently.