Subject: Re: security in the free world
To: Rick Byers <>
From: Colin BRADLEY <fox@CS.McGill.CA>
List: tech-security
Date: 03/11/1997 23:42:27
Rick Byers wrote: 

 * How about Canada?
 * It is my understanding that the Free Trade agreement makes some
 * interesting US/Canada relationships.  I know this because Canada is the
 * ONLY country in the world where you can choose between the International
 * or American version of PGP.
 * I believe (because of Free Trade), all encryption/security related stuff
 * can be exported from the US to Canada, and Canada has no laws preventing
 * the export to the rest of the world.  Obviously someone will need to check
 * deeper, but if this is the case - it could solve a lot of problems.  The
 * speeds from certain Canadian locations to the US are normally great
 * because Canadian locations often use the same carriers (MCI/Sprint etc..). 

  We can get the US export-controlled munitions like crypto here
  in Canada only because our government has agreed to be bound by
  the US munitions export controls.

  We therefore can NOT re-export these things to the rest of the

  But then I'm no expert, that's just what I've been told.
  Confirmation, denial, or otherwise would be welcome.

Colin Bradley