Subject: Re: NFS file handles are guessable.
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-security
Date: 03/10/1997 12:04:01
Allen Briggs writes:
> [ tech-kern removed from Cc: list ]
> > Frankly, though, I'm sick of the circus. We have a standing offer from
> > people in Finland to host the NetBSD master source machine there, in
> > the free part of the world, so that the U.S. users would only import
> > NetBSD and never export it.
> This works great for the source distribution, but not necessarily for
> development (most of the developers are in the US, I think, and
> trans-atlantic speeds are not always fabulous)

Since most people with source tree access use remote CVS over SSH and
the like, I don't think people will notice much since they don't have
to log in to the repository.

> or binary distributions (unless the folks building the binary
> distributions are all in some free part of the world).

That would, of course, be part of the plan -- builds would be done by
people in free countries.

> Alternatively, perhaps some folks from the free unix-like OS world
> could get together to spearhead an effort with the EFF to break down
> some of these restrictions.

I doubt that will work. What might work is the Karn and Bernstein