Subject: Re: NFS file handles are guessable.
To: None <>
From: Todd C. Miller <>
List: tech-security
Date: 03/07/1997 11:22:48
In message <>
	so spake "Perry E. Metzger" (perry):

> fsirand should be incorporated into newfs as well as being standalone
> -- merging newfs and fsirand once saved me vast amounts of time in a
> high speed install system, since the disk only had to be grovelled
> once and not twice.

Yup, and adding i_gen randomization to newfs doesn't slow things
down noticably (at least on any machine I have).  It's silly
to go through all those inodes twice.  To see how I did this
take a look at OpenBSD's src/newfs/mkfs.c -- the fsirand stuff
is bracketed by #ifdef FSIRAND.

 - todd