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hg clone on macOS

Hi folks —

I tried to use hg clone today for the first time on my usual macOS dev machine, and after 15 minutes or so it failed:

persona:netbsd jmcneill$ hg clone
destination directory: src
adding changesets
adding manifests                                                                
adding file changes                                                             
added 320428 changesets with 2162086 changes to 394784 files (+409 heads)       
finished applying clone bundle
searching for changes
adding changesets                                                               
adding manifests                                                                
adding file changes                                                             
added 43366 changesets with 40897 changes to 34209 files (+13 heads)            
new changesets 3404d8b28a43:88b281caac8c
updating to branch ISC
abort: case-folding collision between external/bsd/bind/dist/contrib/zkt/examples/hierarchical/de/ and external/bsd/bind/dist/contrib/zkt/examples/hierarchical/de/

I assume this is due to case insensitive HFS+. Any easy workarounds?


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