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Re: New home for the repository conversion

On 10 June 2017 at 13:46, Joerg Sonnenberger <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> the repository conversion setup for NetBSD CVS -> Fossil -> Git
> has found a new home. Ironically, on former hardware.
> This provides a somewhat faster conversion cycle as well as removing
> from the process. This should avoid occassional
> problems with incomplete syncs. Two other changes have been applied at
> the same time:
> - The Fossil repositories have moved to using the SHA512 checksums
>   internally. To avoid accidents, a new project code is used. This
>   requires Fossil 2.x.
> - The Git repositories map user names to addresses
>   (src, xsrc) or addresses (pkgsrc). This allows
>   consolidation on github with user accounts, assuming you have the
>   corressponding addresses as primary or secondary address.
> The new locations for the repositories are:
> CVS    | Fossil                           | Git
> -------+----------------------------------+---------------------------------
> src    |    |
> pkgsrc | |
> xsrc   |   |
> The old conversions will be provided for the near future, but likely
> stop toward the end of the month.
> A special thanks goes to Petra and Christos from the admin team for the
> assistance with the machine setup and low-level CVS clean-ups.
> Joerg

Great work, thank you very much for keeping the git conversion alive,
and for so long!

To confirm — the username mapping is currently done only for the newer
commits, e.g., as of a few days ago?  Since you are migrating the
repositories from to just now,
perhaps it might also make sense to take the opportunity to re-run the
whole conversion from scratch, adding FQDN to all the commits?  On the
other hand, I guess providing continuity of the original git repo
conversion might also have benefits, and especially so if the
conversion of some of the older commits might require a lot of manual


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