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Re: git on small systems

On 09/02/2017 02:38, matthew sporleder wrote:
> Sorry to revive this old thread but after reading some news about
> Microsoft and other big players moving *GIANT* repos to git (always
> with special considerations) I thought it would be worth testing our
> own larger repo.
> Without any of the special tuning  (well I still use threads = 1) and
> the latest git  (2.11.1) I am able to clone full src with a peak
> between 350 - 400MB memory usage over ssh, which is higher memory than
> http.
> This does appear to be a moderate improvement over our initial testing
> two years ago.

Why would you want full src on such a low memory device?
git already has shallow clones - and since git 2.0 at least you can push
from them.

Can you measure a shallow clone --depth 1 clone please?


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