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Re: using git now and committing to real CVS repo?

On 08.06.2016 22:36, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I am working on a task that involves modifying over 500 source files.
> I have years of experience with git and it will be useful for me to 
> quickly do git diffs etc.
> But when I am done with work, what is procedure to share with others to 
> review (I have some "board" members who will help)? And procedure to 
> commit to the official CVS repo. Do we have this documented?  If we 
> don't have any way (some git-to-cvs gateway?) then I assume I can just 
> create the diff and share it as a patch and then take the patch and 
> apply it to my CVS checkout and commit there.
> I am hoping we have some git-to-cvs mechanism so if I do my work in git 
> I don't have to go back to cvs to check again. What are others doing if 
> they use git for netbsd src?
> I assume is the recommended repo to clone 
> from if using git.

A possible solution is to split this into small chunks and commit one
after another in a git repo.

Later, you can create standalone patches with: git format-patch -500
(assuming 500 patches).

And finally over CVS repo (GNU patch required):
cat path/file/with/diff | gpatch -p1

This involves manual step with committing to a CVS repo.

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