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Re: git branches (was: Re: Reply to David Holland's notes and comments)

On 13 Jan, 2015, at 18:32 , David Holland <> wrote:
> The numbers tell you this, and they don't change once committed. What
> commits happened on which branch is part of the permanent metadata,
> and you don't have to search the history relationships.
> I have no idea why you might think this is not the case.

Maybe because if you convert the CVS repository to a git repository
you could convert that git repository back to the original CVS
repository, with the same revision numbers, by searching the history

It may be that the information is represented in the metadata in
slightly different form in the two repositories, but if you can
go back and forth without changes then clearly no information has
been lost and one representation must be equivalent to the other.
I think you might be drawing a distinction that makes no difference.

Dennis Ferguson

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