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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

Thus wrote Eric Gillespie (

> Rhialto <> writes:
> Indeed, this is awesome!  I've experimented with importing pkgsrc
> into bzr, but even with all the recent improvements, it's still
> no good.  Quite a shame, I think.

Where does it break? If there's incremental updating available, would
converting the bulk from git or hg be an option?

With the conversion of src to git, the 'trick' is to set limits way up,
because it takes a lot of resource to do. Subsequent updates are mostly


> > (There has been a very heated discussion among GIT people why keyword
> > expansion is supposed to be evil. They are not going to be convinced to
> > implement it. I am very annoyed by that.)
> They are evil.  Evil evil evil evil.  EVIL!  No modern system
> supports them, nor are they likely, and we're all the better
> for it.

<whine force=5yo>but whyyyyyy?</whine>

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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