Subject: Re: The relevance of ancient hardware
To: Eric Gillespie <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: tech-repository
Date: 09/15/2007 08:56:48
On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 04:15:51PM -0700, Eric Gillespie wrote:
> "S.P.Zeidler" <> writes:
> > If that is updateable, that mostly covers my concern. Not every user
> > wanting to track a branch needs to keep all the baggage just to
> > keep up to date.
> Not directly updateable: without meta-data, you don't know what's
> there, so how could you update it?  However, a few dozen line
> Python script could keep a single meta-data file containing just
> the revision number, and use that to do an update.
> Hm, this seems like a common need, so maybe the tool already
> exists.  If not, I see no problem getting it integrated into the
> Subversion source tree.

Maybe "sup" is sufficient here?