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Projects Xilinx MicroBlaze FPGA

I saw this project for Xilinx Microblaze FPGA processor based evaluation boards.
I’ve had some workplace experience with the uBlaze in a product offering.
I guess one item that is a bit limiting is that the full, on-fpga ethernet support requires a license. It isn’t part of the included licensing with the EDK.

Was there any idea of which evaluation boards that you’d like to support?
I’m partial to the boards that Digilent is producing. While Xilinx has gone forward to the ARM in fabric, I’m still partial to the idea of soft CPUs. Digilient has a few boards that are still in production that could be targeted and perhaps we could find an open FPGA ethernet VHDL project to get around theXilinx ethernet lite problem.

Then, of course, there would be the SATA problem.

I guess that determining the list of target evaluation boards here would be key. Most users are going to want to use an evaluation board that they can get from the distributer or ebay.

I’m tending to lean more towards the COM express PICMG approach of a processor module that mates with an ATX type carrier board.

Sorry about the rambling. Just figured that I’d touch base. I was just hoping to see some NetBSD support in the future since it appears that Xilinx stranded the Petalinux uBlaze port, basically.

Burton Palmer

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