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RE: Read/write slow on nvme drive - Supermicro X10DRL-CT

Title: RE: Read/write slow on nvme drive - Supermicro X10DRL-CT


>This sounds like you are using the block device and not the raw
>device on NetBSD (e.g. /dev/ld0d instead of /dev/rld0d). For
>comparisons with diskutility you should also use a much larger
>block size (e.g. 1024k).

Ill test this with device

>So how to you copy a 200mb file and what filesystem do you use? What
>is source and what is destination?

>Even with the bad numbers above you would get 5-6 times the speed
>for the sata drive and about 200 times the speed for pcie.

I have a tar of my packages and am basically untaring the file .. the tar file is in the device so I have a copy of the pkg.tgz in SSD as well as PCIe and and im untaring it locally..  so source and destination is same disk.. I have untared it numerous times and got the same result.

Is there anything setting in netbsd that I forgot to enable.

Derrick Lobo

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