Subject: RE: Running NetBSD on Netgear appliances
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Jun Sun <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 01/04/2005 10:01:50
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> Subject: Running NetBSD on Netgear appliances
> 	Hello,
> I've got a Netgear DG834G (UK PPPoA DSL router) and a WG602v2
> (802.11g WLAN access point) which both run Linux.
> The WG602v2 is running "uClinux" a "Rockhopper" whatever that means.
> I'm not sure yet what kind of CPU it is using.

"Rockhopper" was once used by NEC for their development board,
supporting (MIPS) Vr5432, Vr5500 and Vr7700.  Those CPUs do support MMU.

> The DG834G apparently has a MIPS CPU because the Linux kernel sources
> (they are in a directory called "linux-2.4.17_mvl21") only contain
> "arch/mips".

The distro is mvista linux v2.1.  Check .config file under the top of
the tree and you will find out which board and which CPU is configured

> Porting NetBSD especially to the DG834G would be cool.

Drivers might be an issue but other stuff (timer, irq, CPU, etc) should
be easy.