Subject: SONY PlayStation port
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 08/11/2004 20:47:20
I'm got a sugestion on port NetBSD to SONY PlayStation aka. PSone.
I've seen in a ad for PSone that they conected a cellphone to it and I
figgured that you could do someting useful with it, like surf the net.
Now I wonder if it is posible to port NetBSD to PSone. I dont have a clue
if it is posible becouse of my lack of experience. So I wonder if you
could give the specs a quick look and guess if it is possible.

Best Regards
Ghost Wolf
aka. Pär Moberg, Sweden.

The PlayStations Specs are as follow:
    *  CPU: 32-bit R3000A RISC running at 33.8688 MHz, 30 MIPS, bus
bandwidth 132 Mb/sec
    * RAM: 16 Mbits
    * VRAM: 8 Mbits
    * Operating System ROM: 4 Mbits
    * Geometry Engine: 3D Geometric Transfer Engine clearing 66 MIPS, 1.5
million flat-shaded polygons per second, 500 000
texture-mapped/light-sourced polygons per second
    * CD-ROM: XA2 double speed CD-ROM, 256K CD-ROM buffer
    * Data Engine: MDEC clearing 80 MIPS, CPU direct bus connection
    * Graphics Processing Unit: GFX processor unit
    * Sound: ADPCM, 24 channels, 4 Mbits Sound RAM, 44.1 KHz sampling
    * Colour Palette: 16.7 million colours
    * Resolution: 256x224 - 640 x 480 (max) Resolution: 256 x 224 - 740 x
480 (max 1,677k colours)
    * Sprite/BG drawing
    * Adjustable frame buffer
    * No line restriction
    * Unlimited CLUTs (Colour Look-Up Tables)
    * Sprites: 4,000 8 x 8 pixel sprites with individual scaling and rotation
    * Simultaneous backgrounds
    * 360,000 polygons/sec
    * Memory Cards: 128 Kbyte flash-memory cards