Subject: Re: NetBSD/TiVo ?
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: John Clark <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 01/20/2004 06:51:32
Am Freitag, 16.01.04, um 10:04 Uhr (US/Pacific) schrieb Matt Thomas:

> On Jan 16, 2004, at 8:24 AM, Jan Schaumann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> How about NetBSD/TiVo?  I just saw that the Series 2 models are
>> available for $150 (after rebate from the TiVo website).  I believe 
>> it'd
>> be a ppc variant -- might be helpful.
> I've thought about it.  (Series 1 uses IBM PPC4xx, Series 2 uses a MIPS
> processor).  But I get around to why?  I use the Tivo for its software
> and what about that?  Run it emulation mode after writing all the 
> kernel
> drivers and making sure Linux Compat works.  What about the use of XFS
> that the Tivo box uses?
> To my mind, too much work for too little payback.

Another issue is the item of video decoding. While I'm sure there could
be some method of bringing up a kernel on the various hardware 
one is left with 'how to run the video engine', otherwise really, 
really why bother...

Waving the GPL linux flag does no good in many cases where the actual
driver is a GPL-free binary, with a thin GPL driver API for linux sake.