Subject: Port-Palm Zire
To: None <>
From: Nick Vanderweit <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 01/02/2004 18:52:35
Hi! My name is Nick Vanderweit. I am 11 years old and
just bought a Palm Zire 21 falsely remembering that it
could run NetBSD. I was saddened when I found that the
closest port was hpcmips. I wanted to know if you
could add it to your list of future ports. I would
really like if it would have Graffiti strokes
(hopefully Graffiti 2) and still be able to run Palm
OS. I was also wondering if I could somehow help make
NetBSD possible for the Palm platform. I am looking
for a good place to start. Mabey I could make a
program that kept all the Graffiti strokes and
(possibly) boot a NetBSD partition. But how to make a
partitioner... Also, everything would have to be tiny,
as I have only 8 MBs of RAM... Well, any help would be
greatly appreciated.