Subject: Re: i386 port for the X-Box?
To: Stephen Jacks <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 11/28/2001 22:28:16
On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Stephen Jacks wrote:
> Casting a vote for a i386 port for X-Box?
> I haven't had a chance to look at one yet, but its supposed to be a Pentium 
> III and NVidia Geforce2 embedded chipset. Saw an article about bios in flash 
> (like webtv 2?) and it has a hard drive.

You can vote what you want as long as there's noone doing the job. :-)
Besides that, information on what's in the machine would be useful. 

Is the XBox really just a PC with standard components (IDE disk, NVidia
gfx)? What's this "embedded" chipset? Are there drivers in XFree for it?
What other hardware does it have - network, ethernet, usb, firewire?
What system board is used, what internal bus is used, what controller
chips? Where can documentation on the chips be found?

And of course: who'll donate the hardware IF someone is found to do the
job? Is XBox already sold after all? Anyone wanna to to M$.com and ask for
a few development samples? Migh be nice for them to show how
anti-monopolistic they are ;-)

 - Hubert

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