Subject: Re: a porting idea.
To: Christian E. Hopps <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 11/15/1999 19:58:18
	I've seen AGS+s for a few hundred dollars on ebay - 68040, 16MB
	ram plus flash, I _think_ multibus internally, and a whole bunch
	of network interfaces...

	Maybe we should put up a page listing suggested platforms
	people might want to look at porting NetBSD onto, and contact
	people who would be willing to provide (some)


On 15 Nov 1999, Christian E. Hopps wrote:

> So while I was talking with a person from Cisco at IETF I got this crazy
> idea.  Lots of older cisco hardware (and perhaps even some newer) uses
> 68030s. The 2500 comes to mind.  I discovered that the ethernet cards
> for the 2500 use the amd lance chip.  Presumably the serial HW is
> standard too. The person from cisco suggested that the bus architecure
> was probably based on something standard (why develop one in-house).  I
> believe the cisco boot loader expects a gzip'd ELF binary image.  So in
> other words it might be a fairly simple port :)
> So how about NetBSD on Cisco?  I think this would be really humorous if
> nothing else. :)
> I don't have time to hack on it myself but I thought I would throw the
> idea out in case someone else did.
> Chris.
> BTW some newer HW, the 7200 I think, uses a mips processor and a PCI
> bus, but that box might be too expensive for the random hacker :)