Subject: Re: PCI subsystem on BigEndian.
To: None <tech-ports@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 04/26/1996 23:11:45
In article <>,
Andrew Cagney  <> wrote:
> I don't think so. After all who would buy one?

Same people who buy all the other broken hardware out there?

> Remember also that the PCI spec defines its bus as being little endian
> and CHRP mandates that the PHB (PCI host bridge) in combination with PCI
> devices provide a little endian I/O programming model (regardless of
> whether the machine was booted LE or BE).
> Consequently such a device has no market and no advantages.

This assumes that a) people don't implement hardware that doesn't follow
the specs, and b) people don't market hardware that has no advantages.
Both of these are directly contradicted by an examination of the
hardware marketplace. They may not be any BE only PCI hardware yet, but
someone will do it eventually, I can almost guarantee. Most likely it
will be in the form of some existing 32bit BE hardware ported q&d to PCI.