Subject: Re: Which preboot-loader?
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 04/22/1996 08:24:51
>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin P Neal <> writes:

Kevin> At 10:45 AM 4/21/96 +0100, Neil J. McRae wrote:

Kevin> Also, doesn't loadbsd run on 1.3? Is the ability to use old
Kevin> ROMs in an Amiga useful? As in, would anybody be bothered if
Kevin> the boot blocks required 2.04? I'm sure a few would be
Kevin> bothered.

Heh, I still have 1.3 ROMs in my otherwise beefed up A2000 (Zeus 040
acc. w/ SCSI-2 & 28MB 32-bit RAM, GVP SCSI w/ 6 MB 16-bit RAM, 5 GB
disk, Retina Z2, GoldenGate 2 bridgecard, NE2000 clone + AST 4port
serial card).  I have thought of upgrading to 2.0 sometime, but I'm
not a high-end hacker :-) :-) :-)


PS. Fun info: My Zeus + Atlas reads about 5.8MB/s sustained (64Kb
    blocks, raw device), but /dev/zero (I.e. copying instead of
    DMAing into mapped mem) only gives about 4.5 MB/s.  Well, I
    believe JTC is slowly working on optimizing the string and memory
    functions for higher end m68k processors.

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