Subject: Re: Load balancing modems
To: Peter Stubbs <>
From: Jeff Thieleke <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 02/08/1996 00:25:20
> I'm looking for the source of mslip or some other slip / ppp that will 
> load balance over modem links.

Slirp, the SLIP/PPP emulator, has load balancing capabilities (and it is 
even said to work!).  A Slirp connection isn't a "real" SLIP/PPP 
connection, but for most people, it is close enough.  You lose some ICMP 
facilities, but there is a work-a-round for ping.

Since Slirp is basically 4.4BSD code, there is no problem compiling it on 

> If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, so please 'cc' to 
> since I'm not on the list.

Jeeze, don't you hate it when people do that!!!

Jeff Thieleke