Subject: Re: Cross compiling kernels (m68k)
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 09/19/1995 00:50:13
>>>>> "Dale" == Dale Rahn <> writes:

Dale> Under NetBSD 1.0 I had created a successful NetBSD/i386 ->
Dale> NetBSD/m68k cross compilation environment for a port to a 68k
Dale> processor board I worked on earlier this year.

I have this as well as the PPC -> m68k cross-compiler, based on
current FSF/Cygnus tools.  It should be no problems crosscompiling
from/to other hosts/targets.  The drawback with my tools, are that
they are only doing static links.

Dale> One last problem that I never fully fixed was a problem with the
Dale> kernel build.

Dale> When genassym is compiled (for the host machine) it may not have
Dale> the same data alignment as the target machine, this can mess up
Dale> certain constants.

Dale> I found a workaround but never really used it because I got my
Dale> native environment working at that time. The workaround had to
Dale> due with putting a "#pragma pack (n)" in some header. I do not
Dale> recall what the "n" value was.

Dale> I believe that X86 aligns 32 bit values to 32bit alignment and
Dale> 68k only uses 16 bit alignment for 32bit values. (???)

This I got to check if I need to handle... thanks for the hint.


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