Subject: Re: Cross compiling kernels (m68k)
To: None <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 09/17/1995 20:17:58


> Work to do: linking dynamically, tweak the NetBSD tree to allow it be
> compiled by a cross-compiler, test other NetBSD ports as targets.
> Volunteers?   

When you get to the kernel, the only thing that should be needed
(this applies more generally) is to clean up


some things to check:

	o	change strip to ${STRIP} (with a default
		of strip).

	o	Some NetBSD specific options used by some
		architectures such as:
		strip -d VS gnu-strip --strip-debug (?)
		ld -z (????)
		ld -T 0 VS gnu-ld -Ttext 0

	o	Addition of -nostdinc to kernel includes path

	o	Check that lorder uses ${NM} (It should
		by now)

Since your host is AIX, you may encounter other more taxing problems.
>From NetBSD hosts, however, it now all works very very well.