Subject: Assming char == signed char?
To: None <tech-ports@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 06/19/1995 10:45:31

Has the NetBSD source files ever been built on a machine where `char' is
really `unsigned char'?  I have the feeling that it it hasn't been.  I
ask because I've stumbled across code of the form:

		if (tty->a_member_of_type_char == -1)

which, if char is unsigned, is a little pointless :-) (this was in the
kernel, exactly where is at home :-( ).

As an aside is the correct fix:

		(signed char)tty->a_member_of_type_char == -1
		tty->a_member_of_type_char == (char)(-1)