Subject: Re: mkfs/mkproto or how are the intel fd's built?
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: tech-ports
Date: 01/20/1995 17:34:38
Excerpts from mail: 20-Jan-95 Re: mkfs/mkproto or how are.. "Charles M.
Hannum"@gnu. (805)

> 	   o	building root file systems from the source tree
> 	   o	installing kernels when cross compiling

> These are only true if you're cross-compiling from a different platform.
>  There is only one case I can think of where cross-compiling for a
> system that isn't already running is even desirable, and that's when
> someone is doing an initial port to a new machine.

more or less, yes

> In that case, I would strongly encourage getting the machine to mount
> root over a network interface first.  (This is partially because network
> drivers are easier to write, and it means the rest of the port will get
> tested sooner.)

I definitly agree, if there is a network device use it.  If not, another
solution is needed.  The one I'm aware of is tools like I described.

> 	   o	(for x86) creating boot disks  (do you
> 		   really do everything on a disk then
> 		   DD it into a file?)

> We use `vnd' devices for this, though mounting directly from a file is
> probably more desirable.

Hmm, (dig, dig, dig, read, read ...).  This one is worth persuing.  It
looks like a possible solution ...