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Re: dealing with inevitable warnings from new compilers on old code

On 14/06/2024 07:00, Greg A. Woods wrote:
Adding compiler-specific "-Wno-*" hacks doesn't seem to be a viable
approach to getting something to build, so something better seems needed
and should be worthwhile.

Now that USE_LANGUAGES is officially(?) deprecated FORCE_C_STD seems the
only viable choice, especially since USE_CC_FEATURES is orthogonal or
even opposite in purpose to this particular issue.

Note that I wasn't actually proposing -Wno-implicit-function-declaration as an actual fix for this package. That was just a quick hack to get a package that had been building fine on linux with gcc13 to build with gcc14 so that I could give a build trace to Ken McGlothlen so that he could potentially see where his build diverged and therefore identify what issue he was actually striking.

I'm in the process of updating my pkgsrc packages on our ArchLinux boxes, so I'm now hitting lots of packages that previously built fine with gcc13 that are failing to build with gcc14. Some of them I may well end up fixing with FORCE_C_STD=c89 or similar and some by patching the underlying problem that gcc in now erroring on.


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