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Re: 9.0 is getting old...

>> Another and perhaps orthogonal issue is that pkgsrc is apparently
>> not preferring to use pkgsrc openssl on these older systems.  I
>> don't know if it should, and whether this is a bug or not.
> Maybe we should run netbsd-9 bulk builds with PREFER_PKGSRC=openssl?
> We would need to do the same to avoid libraries in base that link
> against libssl/libcrypto.  I haven't thought through all the ABI
> difficulties with this [...]

To me this sounds quite messy, and prone to mistakes slipping
through the cracks.

> [...] -- it would presumably require updating all packages at
> once, but maybe that's expected practice anyway in quarterly
> releases so not an issue.

I was under the impression that it's acceptable practice to rely
on "pkgin fug" mostly doing the right thing.  Instead removing
every package, cleaning out the pkgin cache and reinstall all
required package for each branch is quite a bit more cumbersome.

> But it's not far from the need to do netbsd-9 bulk builds with
> GCC_REQD+=10 or whatever it is these days.

There is that, of course, yes.  But for now the main offender for
pbulk build success is the py-cryptography packages, which points
to the original 9.0 openssl being too old.  Let me suggest that I
first do 9.0 -> 9.2 on my bulk build host, and we'll see in a
month how the build success rate looks like with that.


- Håvard

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