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Re: the problem of rust :-(

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

> The impression I have gotten is that Rust folks consider it silly, and
> not well-supported, to run the Rust _toolchain_ on 32-bit platforms,
> but _cross-compiling_ for 32-bit platforms is still supported.  E.g.:

That is probably accurate.

However, that is still not a reasonable position.  Even in 2024, it
should be posssible to run the compiler on a 32-bit computer with 4G of
RAM, and even with 1G.

I note that pretty much every other language can run fine on a 1G armv7
or i386 machine.  I am running a xen domU to build packages for 9/i386
with "memory=1000".  I've built ocaml, and used that to build unison.
Lots of stuff is C/C++ - although I am building only 243 packages,
nothing desktoppy.

With rust, my impression is that a major problem is that the compiler is
so bloated, and that once it is built, it needs much less resources to run.
My n9 machine is using 'rust-bin', as I do not expect it would ever
succeed to build the compiler, but it does build py-cryptography.

This makes me think that if we can get cross building to work and have a
rust-bin package that wraps those binaries, things will be much better.

(I don't think it's good to call a cross-built binary package the
answer, as people not using binary repos will lose; that's why I am
suggesting rolling the built bits into rust-bin -- but that's easy once
they are buildable.)

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