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Re: New package - qtfm - A QT file manager

Jun 24, 2023, 15:15 by

> writes:
>> This is a new package - QT file manager.
>> Please review and, if possible, help me merge this into pkgsrc.
> Speaking as someone who might help you, it is far easier to deal with
> new packages by them appearing in pkgsrc-wip.  One can get the bits,
> read, make minor fixes, add TODO items, etc. and multiple people can
> share this work.  Unpacking bits from email leads to much more effort.
> So I suggest you request wip access and stage new packages there.
Thank you, Greg. Would you mind giving me the access to commit to wip then? I have two outstanding commits to push: one for this new package qtfm, and another is a minor upgrade of the package neovim-qt.

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