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Re: Cross-compiling libLLVM requires version-matched llvm

> Cross-compiling X these days requires Mesa which requires libLLVM.
> libLLVM in turn requires running llvm-tblgen.  It can build
> llvm-tblgen internally for native builds, but it has no mechanism like
> CXX_FOR_BUILD for cross builds, for which it relies on a preinstalled
> llvm-tblgen, which comes from llvm.
> However, libLLVM requires a version-matched llvm for llvm-tblgen, and
> there is version skew between lang/libLLVM (13.0.1) and lang/llvm
> (15.0.7).  What to do?
> 1. Reimport llvm 13.0.1 as lang/llvm13 verbatim.  Problem: conflicts
>   with lang/llvm.
> 2. Reimport llvm 13.0.1 as lang/llvm13, but put under a different
>   prefix like ${PREFIX}/llvm13.
> 3. See if we can get by with a single version.  Problem: sounds
>   nontrivial; presumably there was a reason for the stern comment in
>   lang/llvm/Makefile about not updating libLLVM at the same time.

Does Mesa build with LLVM 15?


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