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Re: gfortran: 10 for netbsd-10, and getting a full dependency on gfortran in a meta package

On 6/13/23 08:02, Greg Troxel wrote:
2) On NetBSD 10 (not arm), chooses gcc7.  I added

   +# On NetBSD 10, default to gcc 10 to match base, instead of 7.
   +.if ${OPSYS} == "NetBSD" && empty(OS_VERSION:M[0-9].*)

and then it defaults to 10.  Any objections to committing?   It's a
little close to freeze, but it seems broken to drag in an old version.

Other approaches?

I think gfortran should always match base, if possible.  The GCC project
does not guarantee binary compatibility across major versions, though
it's generally not a problem these days.

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