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Re: PYTHONBIN for cross-compilation to different LOCALBASE

> Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2023 21:15:45 -0400
> From: Greg Troxel <>
> My quick reaction is that
>   PYTHONBIN should be for the target system, via lang/python/
>   TOOL_PYTHONBIN should be for the build host via USE_TOOLS += python or
>   something like lang/python/
> Of course some packages may use both.  Probably most python packages as
> py-culture is to run python programs to configure.

USE_TOOLS+=python isn't a thing (and the USE_TOOLS framework itself
poses a difficulty with TOOLBASE/LOCALBASE split, with things like
USE_TOOLS+=sed vs USE_TOOLS+=sed:run, to be addressed separately).

As you note, many Python packages use Python at build-time (e.g., to
run _and_ at run-time (e.g., in #! lines), via just or  These are the ones that need two
variables to make the distinction.

Question is, which use of the existing PYTHONBIN variable is more

Hoping to get a sense of this before committing to a new variable
scheme that ends up requiring a mass-change later like my mistake with

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