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Re: Split git perl stuff into separate package

Hi Taylor,

On 09.06.23 03:34, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
devel/git-base includes a few Perl scripts and libraries, so it brings
in a runtime dependency on lang/perl5.

However, these scripts aren't necessary for most git usage -- they're
somewhat obscure things like `git archimport' or `git instaweb'.  Most
normal use of git -- including `git add --interactive', which used to
be in Perl -- doesn't require Perl, and can be disabled in the git
build by setting NO_PERL.

The attached patch splits out the Perl scripts (and shell scripts that
unconditionally run perl as a subprocess) into a separate package
devel/git-perlscripts, and adds devel/git-perlscripts to devel/git,
just like we currently already have with the Tcl/Tk stuff and
documentation too.

This way there's no change to the experience if you install devel/git,
but you don't need to build perl just to get devel/git-base -- or wait
for perl to rebuild every time you update to get a new git.


I think it's a good idea. I also use Git for local configuration management on virtual machines where I always want to install as few packages as possible, also for security reasons. In this respect the change is also an improvement at runtime.

Many greetings

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