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Re: OpenSSL 3.0.x

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> An outstanding question I have is what we do with BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.  If
>> I bump it to 3.0.8 is that going to annoy folks on NetBSD, or have you
>> already migrated from 1.1.1 there?
> I heared there's a project to get -current to openssl 3, but right now
> it's still at 1.1.1something. But I don't think the upcoming NetBSD 10
> will get openssl 3.

I guess then the question is whether pkgsrc is going to decide openssl
must be 3, and therefore use pkgsrc openssl on 8/9/10, or decide the
1.1.1 is ok.  If the latter, we will need to keep packages buidling with
both 1.1.1 and 3.  High-quality upstreams will do that anyway, but I bet
a number will not.

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