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Re: doxygen build failing with python confusion

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> I'm not sure what fix you mean here.  Setting USE_CMAKE in
> cmake/ is IMO not a solution since it will lead to
> mk/configure/ getting included - and that file is basically
> replaced by cmake/

I understand now, and agreed we can't set that.

Still, it's a bug for things to key off USE_CMAKE if it's really "are we
building with cmake".

> This change is too big in my opinion to go in now, since we don't even
> know if it improves the situation or makes it worse; especially since
> the bulk builds are fine with the current situation.

Agreed it's too big.

> Changing lang/python/*.mk in some way is fine with me if you think it
> necessary right now.

If you can adjust those so that they accomodate cmake with
cmake/ the same way they do with USE_CMAKE, please do.  While
bulk builds work as an accident of only having required things
installed, doxygen is failing to build on my system because I have 2.7
and 3.10, and I think that's pretty normal.

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