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Re: The default Go version bump was accidental

Benny Siegert <> writes:

>> I'm kind of meh on revert vs not.
>> syncthing built with go120 is working for me (interopating with
>> Android).
> I think if syncthing works, then let's keep it at Go 1.20.
>> What else is wrong?
> Kubo and ipfs, if I remember correctly. Last time I looked, there were
> no newer versions available but maybe that has changed in the
> meantime. And these two are not as important as syncthing, frankly.

kubo is marked to build with 119.  While that's hacky vs
GO_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED, which we don't really need, it seems good enough
that building kubo results in using 1.19, and thus people who want to
run kubo aren't really bothered.

I don't find an 'ipfs' package - just kubo.

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