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Re: wip/glusterfs to pkgsrc filesystems/glusterfs

Alexander Schreiber <> writes:

> I've successfully tested (built & run) this on all 64bit platforms I have
> available for testing: aarch64, amd64, sparc64. It cannot run (but can be
> built) on any 32bit platform, since the code tries to atomically update
> a 64bit value eventually (userspace-rcu), which is not something that is
> going to work on 32bit (unless you got a weird one). New 32bit platforms
> are unlikely to spring up, but pkgsrc help already mentions e.g. riscv64.
> I would prefer a cleaner ONLY_FOR_64BIT (or similar), but that doesn't
> appear to exist.

Is this new in glusterfs, that it doesn't work on i386, or just new that
you figured it out and are documenting it?  For distributed/remote
filesystems, I tend to feel its important for them to run everywhere
since in my view that's a major part of suitability -- but I realize
that if upstream is 64-bit only, it's next to impossible to tilt against

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