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Re: [PATCH] firefox: fix build with rust 1.45

On 2020-08-17, Thomas Klausner <> wrote:
> This does not seem to have been enough to fix the build with
> rust-1.45.2.
> It still fails with an error like the one that's mentioned in the
> patch in gkrust.
> You can only see the failure in pkgsrc if you set RUST_TYPE=src (since
> rust-bin still is 1.44).
>  Thomas

Hmm... this patch did fix the issue for me on Linux with rust 1.45.2
(RUST_TYPE=src). The patch is straight from upstream, so if there is
still breakage, then maybe there is some additional fix necessary for

I was unable to reproduce the failure in a NetBSD VM using rust 1.45.2
and RUST_TYPE=src; the build completed successfully for me. Could you
share the PKG_OPTIONS you are using and the failing gkrust cargo

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