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Re: signed packages documentation

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>>   set GPG to /usr/pkg/bin/pgp2
> There's a typo there?  Should have been /usr/pkg/bin/gpg2?

you are right.  shows how long I have been using PGP...

> However, if you
>>   build packages normally
> using pbulk, the above path to gpg2 is problematic, because pbulk
> will remove all installed packages in the "default path" to
> provide a pristine environment with only the required and
> declared dependent packages prior to each pkg build.
> So you need to install gpg2 elsewhere, using a different prefix
> and a different pkg database.  If you installed pbulk into
> (chroot)/usr/pbulk, and the pkg database is the same, that could
> be re-used for the gnupg2 package.

I now understand that packages are signed with pkg_admin after creation,
not at pkg_create time, so yes you need it in the path when you sign but
there is no reason to do that in the chroot, so I think this is a

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