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Re: [patch] lang/perl5: Make compatible with macOS 11 'Big Sur'

> Op 22 jul. 2020, om 22:13 heeft Edgar Fuß <> het volgende geschreven:
>> Note that Big Sur identifies as 10.16 on Intel Macs, but as 11.0 on Apple
>> Silicon (ARM).
> contradicts this and says it depends on the SDK 
> and the SYSTEM_VERSION_COMPAT environment variable.

Thanks for pointing out that variable. While release notes do confirm
the 11.0 on ARM vs. 10.16 on Intel defaults:

  "The system ProductVersion is reported as 11.0 only on the Developer
   Transition Kit at this time. Existing Mac systems will temporarily
   report the value as 10.16."

..SYSTEM_VERSION_COMPAT=1 does indeed make the DTK report 10.16. The
reverse isn't true; setting SYSTEM_VERSION_COMPAT=0 on Intel does not
yield 11.0.


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