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openssl 1.1 fallout with mmysql, mysql succession planning?

With the recent update to openssl 1.1, and API_DEPENDS to require it for
all ssl-using packages, there is a report of mysql 5.5 failing to build
on netbsd-8.  It also fails in mef@'s 9.0_RC1 bulk build:

due to an apparent withdrawal of a DH structure.

Does anyone have a sense of how many failures were caused by openssl,
and prognosis for addressing?

Sort of separately, mysql seems strange as a project in that we don't
have a numbe of the newer versions, and nobody seems to want them,
perhaps because of too-radical changes.  We do have a mariadb version,
and there are percona versions in the joyent fork of pkgsrc.  Can anyone
explain the big picture, and what we should be doing vs where we are?

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